Pacquiao Admitted that He is Hurt with the Hook of Cotto

A regular fighter could easily crumbled in the powerful punches of Cotto, But not Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao wearing an ear cap, a kind of plastic protection wrapped around his right ear, which was drained of blood shortly after the fight. Manny Pacquiao admitted that his ear is on pain. Pacquiao singled out Cotto’s uppercut and left hook as the most lethal in the Puerto Rican’s armory. He said that there is a lot of hook that fall unto his head and he said that his a little bit drowsy on it. He was affected with those power shots. "Even it hurt on some of his blow, I pretend not to show it, so that it is not obvious that I am hurt with his blow"he added. After battering Cotto relentlessly and knocking him down in the third and fourth rounds, Pacquiao said the fight should have been stopped even earlier. After the fight, Pacquiao held a post-fight party concert at the Mandalay Bay. He then attended an afternoon mass the following day as sort of thanksgiving. Along with his family, including wife Jinkee and estranged parents Rosalio and Dionisia, Pacquiao rode the customized “Pacman Bus" provided by Top Rank on the way back to Hollywood. Jinkee and members of the Pacquiao family spent the night at their multi-million house in Hancock, Los Angeles, while Manny himself chose to go straight and retire in his high-end Palazzo apartment.


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