Pacquiao Margarito Fight- The Fight Favors To Pacquiao

Pacquiao victory over Margarito this incoming fight on November 13, sees by Bob Arum. Bob Arum predicts that Pacquiao will win his eight world title in different weight classes on Nov. 13. This will be held in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Arum come up with this prediction upon seeing Manny Pacquiao win from his 6-11 sparring partner in Baguio, Philippines last two weeks ago.

At first, Arum disappoint when he watch Pacquiao's sparring Michael Medina and Glen Tapia. Arum didn't see the speed from Pacquiao that would probably beat Margarito.

But as a professional boxer, Pacquiao worked hard and slowly come into shape and physical condition. He begin to reach peak form from that time his arrival in L.A. for his final phase of training in the Wild Card Gym with his trainer Freddie Roach.

When Bob Arum see that Pacquiao reach his peak form, Arum change his mind.

But on the other hard, this fight will be a very tough to Pacquiao. And before Pacquiao will win he should put an extra effort to Margarito. This fight is not easy to Pacquiao because he will be fighting for a bigger man that has a lot of advantage over him.


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