Pacquiao Margarito Fight : A David Goliath Fight? Or Thus Margarito KO Pacquiao in 11 round

The fight, that a lot of people in the whole world are waiting for is merely coming, the Pacquiao Margarito fight.  Pacquaio will now face Margarito, a fight of David and Goliath. As we all know, Margarito is stronger, bigger, and taller than Pacquiao. A latest news now, according to Garcia, Margarito's coach they are in focus to KO Pacquiao KO in 11th round.

But still the question does the stronger, bigger man can destroy the speed of Pacquiao?

Does the David win in this fight? Or he can destroy by Goliath? Do the power of Goliath beat the speed of David? That is the question for now, but let see who win this fight.


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