Pacquiao - Mosley Fight - A fight Of the Year

Now that Showtime is already crowding Pacquiao-Mosley as the Fight of the Year, Perhaps its not too late to promote this made for greed promotion.

This foregoing fight makes no sense with the exception that it creates plenty of money for Pacquiao basically because Mosley is the prominent name he can find who doesn't warned him.
Well, be careful what you would like for. Sugar Shane is most serious and dangerous when not much is anticipated.

It probably may not happen like this against Pacquiao. This merely could appear a good fight. Pacquiao is supposed to win. When he lost, he almost everything to lose, and nothing to gain. Pacquiao-Mosley are dangerous fights.

I never expect Mosley to win this but I would surely throw a few trust on him. I really hope he will be ready to fight 12 instead of two .


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