Bob Arum, an American Promoter:Predicts a Brutal Ending

Bob Arum, an american promoter predicts a brutal ending in the world welterweight bout Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.
“The reason this fight is creating so much attention is because of the fact that people who know boxing are baffled as to how this fight is going to turn out.” says Arum.
Arum though sees the fight to be stopped in the later rounds but won’t be surprised if the fight lasts the distance that is set for 12-rounds at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“I know how the fight is going to start and the question is can Miguel handle Manny’s speed early on and can Manny handle Miguel’s power early on?” said Arum. “They’re gonna both be aggressive in the beginning. If that doesn’t work for either of them, then you’ll see Miguel resorting to be a counter-puncher and Manny going on the attack.”
Arum believes his latest promotion might be one of the most successful promotions he has ever staged owing to the marketability of both Cotto and Pacquiao.
“What boxing always needs is a charismatic figure that people want to see and an opponent who can give him very tough battle,” said Arum “We have Manny Pacquiao as the charismatic figure in boxing and Miguel Cotto as a tremendously powerful welterweight that stands in his way. That captures everyone’s imagination.”
Meantime, Pacquiao on Tuesday concluded his training at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood with a four-round sparring opposite Ray Beltran.
“He’s sharper than before and I don’t see him losing this bout,” said Beltran.
Beltran has been part of Pacquiao’s sparring partners in the Filipino’s bout with Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, and Oscar De La Hoya.


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