Easy win, easy fight:says Mayweather to Manny Pacquiao

Easy win, easy fight. He's one-dimensional."-says Mayweather. "Manny Pacquiao did what he had to do,"said Mayweather. "All I can say is he's a fighter like I'm a fighter. I don't see no versatility in Manny Pacquiao, I just see a good fighter, a good puncher, but one-dimensional." Arum begs to differ. "Pacquiao is the greatest boxer I've ever seen, and I've seen them all, including Ali, Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard," said the veteran promoter. Mayweather said: "If I beat Manny Pacquiao they'll say, 'You're supposed to beat him, you're the bigger man. You supposed to knock him out'. "When I beat him, people won't be surprised because he's been beaten before. He's been knocked out twice before. "The world will go wild if Floyd Mayweather gets beat, that's what the world is looking to see. They're trying to make a fighter to beat me. I'm a fighter that's never been beaten. I don't get any respect in the sport of boxing. "Can Manny Pacquiao beat me? No, absolutely no. Easy win, easy fight."


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