Pacquiao and Margarito Will Face vacant WBC Junior Middleweight Championship

So here we go again with Pacquiao and Margarito fight on November 13, as a fun of boxing I follow the news that focuses the two boxers. Who will win on this coming fight? This will be very exciting story to follow.
Pacquiao will face Margarito for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) junior middleweight championship in Las Vegas. If Pacquiao will beat Margarito in this fight he will be the first boxer who win 8 world titles in 8 divisions.
Pacquiao says he much willing to fight Margarito despite of, Mexican's height advantage. The Mexican stands 5-foot-11, while Pacquiao stands 5-foot-6. Margarito enjoys a 6 inch reach over Pacquiao.


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