Pacquiao VS. Clottey

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Manny Pacquiao had a good night’s rest and was up bright and early as he headed to the nearby Grapevine High School in Dallas for his morning run on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila). The sun was out but the wind was still a bit chilly. Pacquiao looked energized as he did his rounds along with members of his team and pet dog Pacman. Coach Freddie Roach did a few rounds himself. Ten rounds were all his coaches wanted but Pacquiao couldn’t be stopped. He insisted on more, completing 13 laps around the oval. “Masarap ang weather eh,” said Pacquiao. “Asa kundisyon.” Pacquiao’s coaches are extremely pleased saying the 7-time division champion has peaked perfectly to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title against Joshua Clottey. “Maintain na lang, light [work out] lang para siguradong 120% sa fight,” said co-trainer Buboy Fernandez. At the parking lot, American high schoolers gathered to get a glimpse of the Filipino boxing superstar. And there were more fans lined up outside the convention center of the Gaylord Hotel when news spread that Pacquiao’s afternoon workout would be open to the public. When the doors opened, fans rushed in to get a good spot. There were big names that are now big time Pacquiao fans. “It’s his heart, his work ethic, and all that he's done. He's pushed himself to become a world champion,” said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerery Jones. “I know he can finish it off in 3 rounds, but please, for us in Texas, first time to have a big fight like this... please make it last at least to 6 so we all go home happy,” said Hall of Fame football star Michael Irvin. Pacquiao was more than impressive during the 2-hour workout. The Filipino showed why he is the most sensational name in boxing today, displaying exceptional speed from both hands and feet. International media men circled the entire ring capturing every move. Nearly everyone who witnessed Pacquiao in action agreed he will be too much for Clottey “He makes me look good,” said Roach. “No, he makes me look even better,” replied Pacquiao. Fans who waited till the end got their wish as Pacquiao obliged, giving autographs and posing for pictures. Pacquiao’s opponent Clottey is already in Texas, too, and had his open workout as well. Clearly, there was less fuss and fans in attendance. The African fighter was cool though not so many are giving him a chance against Pacquiao. Clottey even shared some light moments with Roach. “I respect and admire Manny Pacquiao but this is a business and so I meet Manny in the field and in business I must beat him. I have everything to stop his speed and I am in good shape… I am very ready,” said the challenger. “People saying I have no chance and that Manny will beat me easy, I’m telling you, it's not going to be easy for him,” Clottey added. Clottey believes he being chosen to face Pacquiao at the famous Dallas Stadium is a gift from God. Pacquiao is clearly the favorite here against Clottey but this doesn’t faze the Ghanaian. The challenger believes he can score the biggest upset in the boxing world.


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