Roy Jones complained about the gauze that was used by IBO cruiserweight champion Danny Green

By Sean McDaniel: In an article at Boxing Talk, Roy Jones Jr. (54-6, 40 KO’s) complained about the gauze that was used by IBO cruiserweight champion Danny Green in his 1st round knockout victory over Jones on December 2nd. “I’d rather lose fair then win cheating,” Jones said about his loss to Green. In that fight, Green cornered Jones and dropped him with a looping right hand that hooked around to the side of Jones’ head. The punch didn’t seem to hit the back of Jones’ head, however, and one reason why it landed in that location is because Jones slightly turned his head as he saw the punch coming. In hindsight, Jones would have probably been better off taking the shot to the face rather than turning his head and exposing his temple and the back of his head for Green to hit. “I’m a fighter, pound for pound, one of the best, but you can’t hit me in the back of the head with a baseball bat and think it won’t do something to me,” said the 41-year-old Jones. Besides the punch that landed on the side or back of Jones’ head, he was also upset about the gauze on Green’s hand wraps, saying “They allowed him [Green] to wrap his hands two hours earlier and they allow3ed him to use stuff they not supposed to use. The gauze that you use isn’t supposed to have no adhesive on it, you what I mean?” It’s hard to imagine Green using anything but the normal gauze for his wrapping. Green just looked too strong for Jones and it might have been better than the fight only lasted one round rather than drag on longer and cause Jones to take even more punishment in the fight. “They first try to get give me a pair of used gloves,” Jones said. “I said, ‘how am I going to fight in used gloves?’ “Then they gave me new gloves and by then we saw how they was wrapping his [Green] hands and were complaining because from what we’re used to this is illegal.” As of now, there’s no talk of a rematch between Green and Jones, but it looks like they need to consider it. Jones was going to fight Bernard Hopkins next, but the sudden shocking loss to Green has put that bout up in the air. It looks like Green will now be fighting Hopkins next instead of Jones, which obviously is something that can’t be making Jones too happy. Jones made a tactical mistake in the Green fight by retreating to the corner and covering up. Jones had been fighting that way in the past five years and it hadn’t served him too well in his fights with Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson. However, by making the mistake against an even bigger fighter like Green, it put Jones in a vulnerable position.


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